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Strategy Bootcamp 
Strategy Bootcamp 
Step  away to the balcony, review the needs you are working to meet and the problems you are working to solve, measure your impact, look into the future, create SMART goals and be ready to take advantage of the future.Using a combination of case reviews, worksheets, reflections, workshop exercises, expert sessions, group and personal exercises. This special Bootcamp is designed to equip participants with the key skills, insights and tools needed to understand and navigate the non profit sector and to develop  key strategies needed to maximise impact. The curriculum include: Ideation, Need Analysis and Proof of Concept Development, Design thinking, Vision and Mission Development, Project Design and Management, Grant Writing & Fund Raising Strategies, Partnership and Collaboration, Branding and Marketing, Organizational Leadership; Volunteer & Team, Development and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. The bootcamp is brought to you by Sozo Networks, Nigeria and Bluechrome Associates NewYork, USA. The bootcamp would be hosted in Abuja 19th to 22nd of December, 2018 Ibadan: 27 to 29th of December, 2018 Lagos: 3rd to 5th January, 2018. Boot camp fee is N100,000.  Up to 80% scholarships are available depending on need. Please carefully complete this form to register for the bootcamp  please pay more attention to answering the personal essays to earn a scholarship. Please note that you can not save to continue later, so we suggest that you write questions out and fill in answers when you are ready. Good luck!
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